6 Sassy Flower Girl Looks

Recently, we’ve covered some unique ideas for Groomsmen and for Rings Bearers, so we’d be wrong to not show a little love to the special Flower Girls in your wedding party.

Plus, it’s just fun to dress the little people and shows them that they also have an important role in your special day!


1). All Flower Accessories … 

With all the new flower ideas we are seeing on Pinterest and weddings blogs, what fun would it be to literally deck your flower girl out with flowers! Plus, this can easily be done DIY or with fake flowers to a) save on costs and b) gives your little girl with a keepsake she can proudly display in her room or play dress-up with.

2). Bow Accent … 

This is a bit more traditional idea, but also fits with a preppy or Southern style wedding perfectly! Plus, it’s easy to do and jazz’s up a simple dress. You can have the bow made separately either as a headband or sash, and your little flower girl can wear it again to other special occasions in her life.

3). A dog!

The perfect sidekick. 🙂

4). A Splash of Color… 

We are loving this trend! Perfect for the non-traditional, this is a great wear to incorporate more color into your ceremony and give your little girl with a dress that will allow her to both stand out and wear again to other occasions.

5). A Touch of Boho … 

This style is perfect for the more relaxed, casual setting. As an extra bonus, this style is super comfy, so you should hear no complaints from the little ones.

6). Unexpected Pattern … 

Typically the patterns we see on flower girls are still flower related, so how about mixing it up with some other bright ideas? We are loving the idea of gingham or even plaid to throw a little twist in your big day.

What styles do you like best?

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