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Do you need ideas before you start you accessory shopping? How about creating an accessory board. Pick the size and portability that works for you. I like the size that needs to go on a wall because my mind is always generating lots of ideas. This size gives me the opportunity to rearrange, add, remove & replace my favorite accessories for Brides. Next, go through your favorite magazines, websites, etc. and cut out, copy and post on your Accessory Board. Also, post your favorite colors, whether it’s a paint chip, fabric or a favorite art print.
This process could also be done virtually with a site like Pinterest and then saved to your phone for the upmost portability for shopping. Here are a couple of accessory guidelines to help achieve your look. When selecting wedding accessories for your gown, be very individualistic and patient in your selection. There is a wide variety of choices today all within your reach and most, within your budget. Select different combinations of textures and colors. Texture and color add depth to your look and hence, gorgeousness.
Let’s go create an Accessory Board!

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